The Lune Light - Best Touch Control Color Mood Light

The Lune Light - Cielux LUNE Touch Controlled Color Changing RGB LED Mood Light 

Lune Light - Weird GadgetThe Lune Light is a lively and innovative light fixture that we are sure will brighten your thoughts.   This luxurious, modern lamp delivers soft light in various colors to enhance your style and produce just the appropriate environment.  You will be surprised how an easy color change can transform the appearance and sense of any space.

The elegant circular style Lune light has no control buttons.  Simply touch the clean, user pleasant base to pick a color, change the strength, or start a rainbow light display.  It also has a revolving arm, so you can simply direct the light wherever you would like.   It uses power efficient LEDs that will never require to be changed. The Lune Light does not get hot, the fantastic and dimmable lights can be used properly everywhere, such as kid's rooms.

 Lune Light Features:

  • The Lune light can be set to routinely change colors or glow a bright solid color. You can select between Two steady color changing modes and 7 pre-programmed colors: red, yellow, green, teal, blue, magenta and white.
  • Single touch command interface permits you to change colors and modes strength, with just a touch of your hand on the touch pad.
  • It intoduces a modern ring figure with a rotatable top so that the light can be tilted to a wide range of position to brighten the specific spot you desire.
  • It operates with Dense Matrix LED Technology that compacts numerous LEDs into a small, unique array, providing you a high-powered, lightweight, outstanding light with intense flexibility with only 9 watts.

The Lune Light is a very appealing and well made piece of technological innovation. The shape and color of the Lune appears like a shiny white Lifesaver. Very satisfying to the eyes. It is smaller than you expect, its size is only about 7 1/2 to 8 inches in diameter with the width being a bit longer than the height of the device. But for the size of the unit it features a powerful light impact in 7 unique preset colors and 2 rainbow transition settings (one fast and the other slower).

Cielux LUNE Touch Controlled Color Changing RGB LED Mood Light
The main colors are bright,vibrant, and condensed for such a compact lamp. An additional factor, the top arm of the unit rotates almost 360 degrees, so light can be adjusted anywhere conveniently. And the Lune is light so it can be turned in any way you want.

The Lune Light is nice to have in your living room and it will look fantastic. It's particularly fun to have during parties and your guests will ask you about it. The light coming out of the The Lune Light looks good, really sleek and consistent as a mood light should be. The Lune Light is a great product and is recommended to anyone looking for a stylish and  modern design product.

The Lune Light is fashionably designed and appears to be a contemporary piece of art. It is offered in Alpine White and Glowing Black. This lamp is so stunning and uncomplicated to use. It is perfect as a table lamp, a fireplace mantel light fixture, an entry lamp or placed into any room where you would appreciate the benefits of its light changing functionality.

Lune Light by Cielux

Operaring The Lune Light.

The Lune light introduces a touch control sensor on the interior of the ring on the bottom that enables you to rapidly set up the procedure the way you want.

  • To activate the lamp just touch the inner bottom curve of the lamp.
  • If the lamp is on then touch once to switch the colors.
  • To dim the color tap the control pad and dimly lit the light brightness to your preferred setting and if you dim too much then tap the control area and the color goes to complete bright.
  • To switch off the lamp consistently touch the control pad right until the lamp switches off.

Cielux Lune Light

Cielux Lune Light

The Lune Light made by Cielux is really a piece of modern art that is easy to use and set up.  Moreover it offer an attractive look and style to any room in your house. With this weird gadget you will improve the sense and style to your space.

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